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Descrizione dell'animazione:

1010 Bricks is an entertaining walkthrough video here at This is a colorful winter-themed puzzle game that is easy to play at first but can get challenging. The puzzle game is simple to play: Create a full line of blocks--either vertically or horizontally. The line of blocks will disappear and you will gain points. At the bottom of the game, you’ll see three options of varying shapes and colors of blocks. Pick one and drag it to the place you want on the graph. There are only 3 levels but each level has a set of goals you need to finish within a short timespan. You must quickly to fill out the columns or rows with colorful bricks.You can also use the menu from the lower-side to pause the game or turn off the sound or music. When you click on pause, you’ll find the same sound options along with the choice to go back to the menu.

Aggiunto 23 Feb 2021