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Descrizione del video:

Demazin and creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi from Australia have made this funny commercial.

The video promotes Demazin’s medicine. It features a lady who has just gotten cold. As she sneezes, the whole house is turning upside down. Literally: the house turned upside down and now stands on his roof! The video pours even more very beautiful and convincing effects.

VFX supervisor Chris Grocott said: “This was a really fun and challenging brief. Obviously we wanted to make it as realistic as possible. To achieve this we projected the real textures of the house onto a 3d model using maya dynamics to get the right animation for the house. Having access to all the production equipment meant we could duck out and get the right swaying tree, flying bird or flying rock texture to composite into the shot.”

Added on 05 May 2016
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