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Descrizione dell'animazione:

Watch this exciting walkthrough video for Fly Car Stunt 4 game! In Fly Car Stunt 4, challenging tracks are waiting for you! Head to the garage, jump into your car, and start the engines. It features various challenges and obstacles for you to overcome, you can test your limits in this exciting game. This game features 2 different game modes that you can play, each with their own objective. The first mode is the solo gameplay. You try to complete each track in this game as fast as you can and without falling down the platforms. Watch out for obstacles and time your moves carefully to stay on track. The second mode is the 2-player mode. You can race against your friend by sharing the keyboard. Your objective is to complete the level before your friend to win. Each game mode has 15 levels, and you unlock them one by one.

Aggiunto 25 Mar 2021