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Descrizione dell'animazione:

This is a straightforward but entertaining card fighting game. To play, first take note of all the cards that are opening in groups and try to recall them. When their turn comes after the game begins, both players open a card. To learn more about a card that has been opened, you can place your mouse or finger tip on it. This will show details about the card that has been opened. Each card has a distinct function. You must find a pair of the card to execute it. The player who opens a card that pairs with every other opened card receives the card's favor. The object of the game is for you to attack your opponent, protect yourself, and win a score. If one player's health points drop to zero, the game is over. After all of the cards have been obtained, the duel will be decided by the player who has the most score points. If both players have the same score points, the one with the most health points wins. Watch it all here in the walkthrough.

Aggiunto 10 May 2021