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Giocate con la raccolta Giochi Folli su Y8? I Giochi Y8 circolano da tanto temo e ne abbiamo visti di tutti i colori quando si tratta di giochi folli e divertenti allo stesso tempo. La cosa fantastica dei mondi virtuali è che simulano il mondo reale mentre donano al giocatore l'opportunità di vivere tutto in un'ambiente spensierato.

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What exactly are Crazy Games?

Fun and Crazy: Loop of entertainment and laughs

This category is home to all the strange games at Y8. If you want literal crazy games, this category is for you. Browser games have a long history of dark themes because many older games will extend through multiple financial crisises. So undoubly game developers will make games that contrast the world around them and it's not always beautiful. Enjoy odd games like Amateur Surgeon and Whack your Ex the interactive cartoon.

Explore the Fun in Crazy Games

Some crazy games we recomend are the popular bartender simulation game and a mirror’s edge styled parkour game. like sports? play as an adrenaline fueled basketball player, trying to dunk the ball in basketball io.

Crazy Games: Fun, Laught and Joy

This category also is home to other fun games that don't fit into the other categories. Fun is a wide ranging definition for games, so this category is opened ended as to what else could be mixed in. There are also many celerbity games and political games. Choose your favorite famous person and warp their face or try a politcal fighting game.

Best Fun & Crazy Games Tags

Play Our Funny Games

Play a game or two to score a lovely smile on yours and all nearby faces. Play some funny games and amaze the world around you with pranks, jokes, and funny adventures.
1. Elastic Man
2. Murder: To Kill or not to Kill
3. Lol 2

Pet Zombie Games on Y8.com

Don’t let the zombies prevail by eating your brain. Grab guns, shields and swords, and face up waves of incoming zombies.
1. WorldZ
2. Call of Zombies
3. Minecraft Shooter 3D

Political & Parody Games

Is it safe to make jokes upon politicans? Of course! And at y8 we encourage you to play various political parody games where you warp faces, place them against rivals, even score goals upon a football field. Remember that Y8 has your back and supports you fully!
1. Hot Dog Bush
2. Trump Funny Face
3. Kim Jong Un Funny Face