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Descrizione del video:

GH3 with Lumix 100-300 mm, zoomed to about 280mm. 1080/60p. Standard Mode with {0,0,0,0}. f5.6, SS=125, ISO=200.
Uploaded to Vimeo as a 60 fps MP4 file, but, Vimeo converted it to 30 fps. Download the MP4 for true 60 fps.
Sorry about the over-exposure, but, the sun broke out and I don't have a Neutral density filter. I shot at the lowest ISO available in Creative Movie Mode. Since then, I've found that ISO=125 is available if hit the record button from Stills Manual Mode.
The clips are essentially straight out of the camera. There is no grading or exposure adjustment done at all. I simply brought the clips into a PP 60 fps AVCHD timeline, and slowed some of the clips down to 10% of actual. Then encoded as a 1080/60p using default VBRs for a 1080/30p from PP (which were: Target=32 Mb/s and Max=40 Mb/s.)
I like having 1080/60p in the GH3...
Of course, I got some complaints from Vimeo, they are shown below:
Vimeo Warnings shown below=
We have some recommendations for this video:
This video is in 1080p. By default we automatically convert large HD footage to 720p for better playback to other users. If you'd like to have it always playback in 1080p, there's an option for that.
This video's datarate is 31993kbps, which is abnormally high and means we might have trouble converting it or it may take a very long time. For HD video, we suggest you use a lower datarate, typically 5000kbps.
This video is over 30 frames per second. To optimize playback for other users, we'll automatically convert it to 30 FPS for you. In the future, you can reduce file size and speed up this upload process by using a more standard frame rate. Check out our Compression Guidelines for more information.

Aggiunto 10 Apr 2017