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Descrizione del video:

A timelapse experiment shot on the "Carnival of Light" week at Linnanmäki amusement park, Helsinki.
Only got the idea on the spot and it shows in the lack of preparations. I shot stills in continuous mode with a compact, just trying to prop it against what was there. The result isn't very stable and I ruined a few scenes trying to follow motion. I kept one of the "bad" scenes, but dropped many. Also I couldn't speed it up directly due to the slow shot-to-shot speed to start with. Now it's a compromise between slideshow and hyperspeed. I tried to create a contrast to the sped up rides calming the shots with a fake dolly effect and the soundtrack. I think what was achieved is a weird feeling of disconnection.
I know I could have balanced the scenes, lengths and angles a lot better, etc. etc., but maybe some other time with some actual thought behind things. I didn't have much experience or a workflow for this, so I guess I learned something. I didn't really know what to expect.
Techically there were many shortcomings. I shot with the Panasonic LX3 compact, unlimited burst mode (a bit over 1 fps) to smaller resolution jpeg's. The video mode really doesn't cut it for this kind of stuff. No tripod, no spare battery or memory card. 2070 exposures that night, around 100 in raw between the sequences in this timelapse, most with flash. (The battery didn't die btw...) One major handicap was the fact that I was with company and couldn't stay at one location for too long. :)
1080p version is available for download at:

Aggiunto 31 Mar 2017