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Descrizione del video:

Castles Made of Sand is my first painting-in-motion collaboration incorporating both figuration and live video mixing into the projection.
The idea was to animate a process of ephemeral, mystical creation -- not unlike Brisbane rising up from the sand dunes -- spotlighting the transitory qualities of will, vision, and materials in the hands of artists. As such, Castles Made of Sand parallels the relationship between the classical art forms of ballet, film and painting fusing with 21st century technology to the growth of Brisbane as it embraces technology & culture to emerge as a city of the future.
Animated painting moves were edited into processed footage of ballerinas filmed on Moreton Island with a RED video camera. This created a kind of "sand storm" becoming a technological environment at its highest state, eventually collapsing into the dunes from which it came as the dancers walk away down the ridge. This "warning" references the Jimi Hendrix track from which we borrowed the title.
Originally dancers were to interact live with the projection as I live mixed video loops into the proscenium; at the final hour this concept became a processional fashion show showcasing couture by Gail Sorronda, Lee Mathews, Easton Pearson, Camilla and KOOKAÏ which can be seen in the documentation.

Aggiunto 26 Apr 2017