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Conventional, simple-minded explanations for why certain computational trends are happening are not sufficient to explain some of the extraordinary aspects of the revolution that we're seeing right now. And that there are underlying, different reasons which explain this revolution quite well. And they provide predictive power for business units, for people, for technologists, that let them take better courses of action to exploit some of the effects of this revolution.
Revolutions are inherently dangerous, always. Things will be broken down, people would be lined up against the wall, some people will start to commune for a little while and do well, and then hopefully out of that, something better will arise. It's like a phoenix.
And in technology, revolutions are the rule. Every few years, somebody invents a way for some industry to have their cost structure cut by ten or two or something. And people who stay the same in those situations wind up dispossessed. It's unfortunate, it's unpleasant, but it will happen. This is what happens with change. And so, being able to see where revolution is leading, being able to see the well springs of where it came from, helps you not wind up against the wall. Which I think is important in some days.

Aggiunto 13 May 2017