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What would be brilliant, is if we could get a device, a way, in which individuals could work out their own meaning to life, their own narratives. The reason I would promote that idea, is it would stop people being jealous of each other, stop the competing, it would mean we have diversity, a multi-cultural, multi-racial, wonderful diverse society where everyone was on their own, individual journeys. Would be very exciting, as long as you respected other people's journeys and were enriched by them. That would be marvellous. What I'm concerned about, is how we get there. Because what I'm concerned about is, at the moment, people are going nowhere. They're not going on journeys. And I think what we have to do is to think of a way, harnessing the technology that we have, because we can't turn the clock back nor do we want to go back to 1950. Look at all the terrible life that was then. Don't go back that far- we want to make the most of this wonderful technology, because we have so much time now compared to when we didn't have it, to actually help people develop their individuality. And I think that is the key to happiness- is to be a true, and fulfilled individual.

Aggiunto 02 May 2017