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This was the second song of the set at Churchill's - I tested the limits of looping technology by syncing Ableton Love loops controlled by an Akai APC40 with a pedal looper by Pigtronix called the "Infinity Looper". The result is that you can do solos on top of your freshly recorded chords. The trick is that the chords are in sync with the loops so the beat one of the next measure if where you recorded loop starts playing and you start wailing on the acoustic. I added some weird octave effects created by an Earthquaker Devices Organizer on some of the solos I took. The Epiphone has D-Tar piezo/condenser pickup. Enough gear mumbo jumbo. Listen and enjoy.
You can get the audio of this version at
Download the full live performance at Churchill's at
Video shot on a Canon Rebel T3i ( hand held ) with the standard factory stock lens ( 18-55mm )
Shot by Andres Diez and edited by Gervasio Goris on Adobe Premiere - Color Corrected on Final Cut Pro

Aggiunto 03 May 2017
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