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Descrizione del video:

★ Iron Jack ★

His ship, transporting the crucial fuel for our World, has fallen into a strange place in outer space and has lost its cargo. Now the precious load is in the hands of the machines that
inhabit this new World. Become a space pilot and help Jack to recover the goods and accomplish his mission.

★ Story

In a time when our planet's natural resources are scarce, Jack is a space pilot in charge of harvesting valuable fuel in outer space and delivering it to our thirsty Earth.

In the course of his important mission, Jack’s fully-loaded ship suffers strange and sudden vibrations which forced him to make an emergency landing on a planet previously
unknown to the human race. The sudden landing take its toll on the space ship, breaking the outer hull and spreading the valuable cargo across the planet's surface.

Jack's mission is to recover the dispersed valuables from the unfriendly territory using only his space suit and emergency jetpack.

This seemingly simple task is suddenly made difficult when a strange robotic race appears on this mysterious planet and they decide that the lost fuel is also a new and valuable
energy source for them.

★ Game Objectives

Jack's objective is to find the lost fuel in the fastest possible time. He must pay attention to his opponents (the strange robots) because they will try to prevent Jack from
accomplishing his mission.

★ Methodology

Jack must find and recover all the fuel balls floating in the strange atmosphere.

While avoiding contact with the enemy, our hero must acquire and enhance his skills in order to carry out his honorable duty.

Activate, reposition or manipulate the different elements of the labyrinthine spaces to open up new places that could uncover more fuel balls.

At the same time, discover new rules in order to increase his chances of survival, such as collecting the energy balls in an orderly fashion to receive reward and powerup boosts.


★ Easy and intuitive gameplay
★ Fantastic 3D graphics and special effects
★ 60 levels divided across 3 sectors
★ 10 different kinds of weapons
★ 8 powerups
★ Achievements
★ Cross platform world ranking
★ Impressive sound effects and soundtrack

Added on 26 Dec 2016
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