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Descrizione del video:

The One Dimensional Man, conceived and directed by Daniel Landau, is a fictional-human puzzle, incorporating body and technology, film and stage, and abundance of imagination and humor.
The show features a unique development of life size characters with projected faces operated by dancers. All these create a living movie, where the division between the pre-recorded projection and the physical presence of the performers bring a sense of magic and mystery to the stage.
Within this sophisticated art form reveals the story of a family: a daughter, a mother, a father and a grandfather. The members of the household are constantly uncomfortable, surviving in a state of constant suspicion, together yet alone. Longing for intimacy, they search for it in both invited guests and unwanted ones...
Conceived and Directed by Daniel Landau | Director Assistant: Ariel Efraim Ashbel | Music: Daniel Meir & Michal O. Landau | Light Design: Jackie Shemesh | Stage & Costume Design: Alona Rodeh | Performered by: Ron Amit, Lior Avizur, Yuval Fingerman, Amit Hadari, Oren Kadosh, Roi Senderovich

Aggiunto 26 Apr 2017