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I think the next big thing would be more in the… without picking specific technologies, I think some of the interesting things would be what Forrester calls the X Internet, which is extending the power of the internet to the physical world. You already see that with RFID, you're going to see more and more sensors in physical things around you, so that for example elderly people don't have to stay in hospital. They can stay home and have devices actually tracking their body temperature and stuff like that. So you're going to see that, more and more, technology is coming out from the office, as we call it, and getting into homes, devices and things you carry with you, or in trucks, in cars et cetera. That's one trend.The second trend is also technology moving away from companies and getting closer to the customer. That's social computing. So social computing and this idea of X internet, extending internet, we think those will reshape many industries in the coming years

Aggiunto 07 May 2017