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Descrizione del video:

A genetic advance that is being made at the moment is cloning babies. It's out there, it's happening. What we now need is to have more debate about the moral consequences of that, because it's out there. It will happen. We can't stop it. You can criminalize it, but perhaps it will happen in a country where that law doesn't exist. Or it will be taken outside and done secretly. Which is in many ways even worse. So we need to actually spend more time educating our kids on not just how to use the technology, but the consequences of the technology. If the two are in balance, there is no reason why we should not continue using and developing technology at the rate at which we are. But at the moment the technology-emphasis is far greater than the human impact-emphasis. If we can get that up to speed, then it's wonderful. Because then the right decisions will be made and things like cloning have a positive side to it. Children who are ill and dying... If you can clone organs in whatever form, isn't it a good thing that child can have a better life? Of course it is. If it is going to be used in a bad way, for creating some master race or equal nonsense, then obviously that's an inappropriate use.

Aggiunto 01 May 2017