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Combatti fino all'ultimo, combatti per vincere, gioca ai migliori giochi di lotta online, tra cui giochi di street fighting, giochi di ninja, giochi di kung fu, ma anche giochi di sumo, giochi di wrestling e pugilato, online su Y8.com

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What are Fighting Games?

Fighting Games: Solving conflicts with fists

When you feel you have an excess of energy and it feels like it's a time to fight, don't get into trouble trying to pick on strangers, since we have a better option for you. Instead, try our fighting games, and prove your strength in a game.

Try Beat 'em up sessions in Boxing Games

Although strength is a highly important factor in fighting games, no one should underestimate the power of endurance and stamina. boxing games can last for hours, by guinness the longest boxing match was 7 hours and 19 minutes! another fact you need to know: playing gangster games will put a bounty on your head, so make sure you use your muscles and brain to prevail against all dangers and in fights.

Fighting Games: Martial arts and Dragon Ball Z

Martial arts are difficult to master, yet they give people great joy trying to do so. You have an awesome opportunity to prove that it's not only Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Panda who have mastered the art of fighting.

Best Fighting Games Tags

Play Our Street Fighting Games

How can you get off the streets? Unharmed? That is impossible, as in all Street Fighting Games, there will be gang leaders and lots of bandits to furiously greet your face with a tightly closed fist. So get stuck into your training sessions, and get ready to fight for fun!
1. Grand Action
2. Stickman Street Fighting 3D
3. Ancient Fighters

Beat 'Em Up Games on Y8.com for 2 Players

Find your enemies, stand tall in front of them, and Beat 'Em Up by playing 2 player games at Y8.
1. Drunken Wrestlers
2. Boxing Physics
3. Striker Dummies

Sword Games

Become a master swordsman by playing Sword Games and defeating all your enemies at once. Just like King Arthur, pull out your own legendary sword, and we wish you good luck in your fighting adventure.
1. Rogue Within
2. Deepest Sword
3. Diseviled 3: Stolen Kingdom