Giochi di sparatorie

Impara a mirare e sparare giocando ad essere un cecchino o a combattere i terroristi in giochi di guerra. Puoi anche tirare freccette o provare sparatutto in prima persona nella più grande collezione online di giochi sparatutto, su Y8.com

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Cosa definisce i giochi sparatutto?

Sparatorie: un sottogenere di giochi di azione rinforzato con armi

A shooter is a type of video game that features firearms or projectiles. Gradually shooters became more flexible, with the possibilities available in virtual worlds allowing for more immersive games. This type of game spawned several subgenres that moved the genre from just being able to shoot to include many other interesting activities such as driving a vehicle.

Esplora i giochi di eserciti e FPS

Welcome aboard, soldier! Choose and load up the firearm of choice, and head to the battlefield, where waves of enemy soldiers are expecting an ambush. Regardless if it's First Person Shooter or third person shooter, the game objective is to aim well, shoot fast and eliminate your targets before they take you down.

Games for Soldiers: Gear up! We're going in!

As a rule, each shooter has at least two main features. First, is the ability to shoot a weapon. Second, there will be some type of movement. Either from the player or the objects which can be shot at. The gameplay usually plays out in a linear or predictable way, and each round will be similar.

Tag dei migliori giochi sparatutto

Gioca con gli eserciti

Join the best army in the world, and defend the borders from incoming enemies of the state or aerial dangers. Rifles, snipers, pistols and bombs, are at your disposal for defending the nation.
1. Subway Clash 3D
2. City Siege
3. Battalion Commander

Giochi di cecchini su Y8.com

Zoom in and lock in on the target which you have been assigned in your mission. Shoot far-away targets from a safe distance. Sniper games are best matched with stickman games, long rifles, and mouse skill games.
1. Stickman Sniper Tap to Kill
2. Sniper Clash 3D
3. Army Sniper

Giochi sparatutto in prima persona FPS

Gioca as un gioco di sparatorie da una prospettiva di prima persona, dove ti immergi in realistiche battaglie sparatutto. Prima di andare in guerra, non dimenticarti di controllare bene le tue armi e ammonizioni. Buona fortuna!
1. Mini Royale 2 io 2. warfare area 3. hostage rescue

Giochi consigliati da Y8

I migliori giochi sparatutto online gratuiti

  1. Hide Online
  2. Freefall Tournament
  3. CS Portable
  4. Masked Forces
  5. WorldZ

I giochi sparatutto più popolari per dispositivo mobile

  1. Gunblood
  2. Dead Zed
  3. Apple Shooter
  4. Head Hunter Reborn
  5. Road of Fury: Desert Strike

Giochi sparatutto preferiti del team Y8.com

  1. City Siege
  2. Rocket Clash 3D
  3. Fields of Fury
  4. Battalion Commander
  5. Rooftop Battles