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Reel Deep

Giocato 899 volte
Dettagli del Gioco

Play as a fishing hook in search of a treasure chest in Reel Deep. On your way down your hook will collect everything it touches. You must attempt to reach the bottom. Fish starts chasing when it is in front of you. Collect loots and treasures but the deeper you go, the harder it becomes to go back up with your loot. Once the hook goes full you start going back up. But it will be knocked off by touching anything and only the items that goes along with you at the top will be sold. Use the money to buy upgrades in the shop and go Reel Deep! You win the game by retrieving the treasure chest at the bottom of the sea. Enjoy playing this game here at!

Category: Azione e Avventura
Aggiunto 25 Jun 2022