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In Blasteroids you control a space ship with the objective of shooting asteroids into smaller chunks until nuggets of Zytonium ore are revealed and can be harvested. To harvest ore you must move your ship over it and it will be collected. After enough chunks of ore have been harvested you will move on to the next objective. Hostile drones will also appear and shoot at you. They are sturdy enemies and will take a number of shots to destroy with your canon, but most will leave the area shortly after firing at your ship. Maneuvering your ship through the asteroid field is very dangerous; however, you are equipped with a shield that will break apart an asteroid if it gets too close. Once this happens the shield needs time to recharge and you are vulnerable to asteroid collisions and can take damage. If your ship takes too much damage then it is destroyed and you must restart your objective. Enjoy playing this game here at!

Categoria: Arcade e Classici
Aggiunto 11 Apr 2023