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City Skyline Racer

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Dettagli del Gioco

Welcome to City Skyline Racer, where the future of racing awaits! Take the wheel of sleek, futuristic cars and blaze through eight adrenaline-fueled levels. Each victory unlocks a new, high-performance machine, pushing the limits of speed and style.

Navigate the elevated highways of towering cityscapes, where split-second decisions and lightning reflexes are your allies. With heart-pounding jumps and daring maneuvers, you'll need all the speed you can muster to conquer the skyline.

Challenge yourself in solo Time Racing mode, or rev up the competition in thrilling 2-player battles. Unlock achievements as you push your skills to the limit, leaving your mark on the City Skyline Racer leaderboard!"

Categoria: Giochi di guida
Sviluppatore Y8 Studio
Aggiunto 14 Jun 2024