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Doctor C: Frankenstein Case

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Dettagli del Gioco

In "Doctor C: Frankenstein Case," dive into a whimsical world where you play the role of a doctor tasked with saving Mr. Frankenstein after a heroic yet unfortunate accident. While rescuing stuffed animals destined for charity from mischievous mice, Mr. Frankenstein himself finds himself in need of repair. Your job? Nurse him back to health with a series of quirky medical procedures and treatments. Once he's back on his bolts, it's time to have some fun dressing him up in a variety of eccentric outfits. But the adventure doesn't stop there! With your expertise, you'll also mend the beloved stuffed toys damaged in the chaos, ensuring they're ready to bring joy to those in need. Enter this charming world of invention, care, and creativity, and become the hero Mr. Frankenstein and his fuzzy friends deserve!

Categoria: Giochi per Ragazze
Sviluppatore Y8 Studio
Aggiunto 08 Jun 2024
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