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Fling Knight

Giocato 3,436 volte

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Dettagli del Gioco

"Fling Knight" is an exhilarating adventure where you take on the role of a brave knight, armed with nothing but your wits and a trusty flinging mechanism! Touch the knight, pulling it down to build up power and aim, then release to fling it through the air. Your mission? Land safely on platforms scattered throughout the ever-rising sea of lava below. But beware, the lava's relentless ascent adds urgency to your quest; you must jump swiftly to stay ahead. Along the way, gather coins to unlock a variety of delightful skins, adding flair to your daring escapades. Prepare for heart-pounding thrills and strategic challenges in this addictive test of timing and skill!

Categoria: Giochi di abilità
Sviluppatore Mapi Games
Aggiunto 14 May 2024