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Land Gruber

Giocato 1,631 volte
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Land Gruber is a fun pixel game where a guy "Hans" falls down from the skyscraper. He wants to enjoy it as a happy trail fall since he will be down soon anyway. His aim is to collect as many coins and notes as possible on his way down! Set a high score by collecting as much coins as you can. As coins spin they become smaller and therefore harder to collect so try and grab them when they are front facing. Half way of free-fall is when it pass through the cloud layer then an alert will sound as it approaches the ground. Be ready to hit limo for bonus points.

Scoring points:
Coins - 10 points
Notes - 50 points
Limo - 100 points
Fire - minus 100 points

Category: Buffi e Pazzi
Aggiunto 28 Jul 2020