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Towers of Survival

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Dettagli del Gioco

Enemies are approaching in Towers of Survival game. There are 10 waves of them which you need to survive. Defend by placing towers around the maze. There are 3 types of towers you can build: laser - the fast one, v-beam - the stronger one; its beam covers all tiles above and below, therefore you cannot build anything else on its way, booster - this one makes all surrounding lasers and v-beams shoot longer and re-charger faster; you can "stack" boosters to increase total boost – each laser can be boosted up to 8 times and each v-beam up to 6 times not 8, because 2 tiles are reserved. Our base have 5 cores. Each enemy is capable of destroying one core. Without cores, we cannot survive, it's that simple. Good luck! You are our last hope. Enjoy playing this game here at!

Aggiunto 18 Nov 2022