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Witch Hat & Ears of Cat

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Dettagli del Gioco

Play as a Witch named Lianna leaving home to explore the world. Lianna was a young Dark Magician who, after leaving her home village, moved to the city of Eastwall, capital of the frontier beween the world known to humans and the unexplored lands to the east, region known as the World's Edge. Wearing her recently bought pointy hat, on her way to joining the Adventurers' Guild, she bumped into a boy with cat ears, native to those lands. Maybe she would have experienced love at first sight, if not for the fact that, as she a little too late realized, her coin pouch was nowhere to be seen and the culprit, the cat boy. That was only the beginning of her troubles, however, as her unwillingness to cope such unfairness let to a small chaos inside the Guild's hall, both tied up to chairs and blackmailed into paying an unreasonable sum in order not to be reported to the authorities. In order to reach something resembling financial stability in that world where things hardly ever went as planned. Enjoy playing this game here at!

Aggiunto 04 Nov 2021