Giochi di strategia e RPG

Gioca online ai giochi di strategia e RPG, come giochi di difesa della torre, MMO, action rpg, giochi a turni, giochi di scacchi e giochi di ruolo, solo su Y8.com.

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What are Strategy Games?

Giochi di strategia: tattiche e guerra

The strategy video game genre began its story at the time that the personal computer was invented. Now, strategy games are not as popular as many other game genres. However, they still command attention from millions of gamers across around the world, especially when it comes to War games.

Explore Turn-Based and Tower Defense Games

This category has some sub genres that further divide up the varying types of strategy games. The most popular ones are Tower Defense games and turn-based strategy games.

War Games: Command and Conquer

Throughout the history of mankind, epic wars have constantly put nations and civilizations in danger. In War Games, your mission is to apply tactics and commands with legions of soldiers, and to bring all your enemies to their knees.

Best Strategy and RPG Games Tags

Play Our Medieval Games

Play games from another era, the medieval era, with castles, knights, and even gladiators. Use your catapults to crush castles and to become the lord of the land, as you conquer the surrounding kingdoms.
1. GoodGame Empire
2. Diseviled 3: Stolen Kingdom
3. Takeover

RPG Games on Y8

Get into character by playing these role-playing related games. This category of games often involves fantasy games like dungeon and sword type games.
1. Dynamons World
2. Browserquest
3. Jewel Duel

Turn-Based Games

Turn based games are a subgenre of strategy games and they come from games created before video games. One example, board games are almost always turn-based.
1. Compact Conflict
2. Battleships
3. Look your Loot