Ninja Dogs
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Ninja Dogs

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Oh no, those pesky cats have kidnapped our master! Now the brave samurai squad has to fight him back. Destroy cat dungeons as you launch kamikaze with their unique abilities. Hold and move to set the angle and power, and then release to shoot the cannon. The creators must have drawn inspiration from the best physics games. Thus if you enjoyed to play original Angry Birds free online, you now now a good alternative.

The game has few packs of physics-based puzzles to provide you with a good deal of action and opportunity to apply your skill games expertise. You'll need some logic as well to ruin the constructions and knock off all enemies. Take advantage of abilities of your suicide squad in this free game. The Dachshund doubles at landing, while the Bull Terrier burns the place to ashes. The Chihuahua scatters bombs, and the Rottweiler throws shurikens.

Don't let dog samurai turn into ronin! Help them return their master and take revenge of treacherous cats. Enjoy beautiful Japanese setting with traditional shamisen music and beautiful background art.

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Aggiunto 17 Feb 2011