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Run Bimboo Run is a fun game of running Santa with unlimited fun and joy. In this game, you have to collect as many as stars you can and get a high score. Can you help Bimboo the Santa to do it? Let Bimboo run and jump to collect stars, gifts, bonus points, power and avoid collision with TNT bomb, bonfire and rock. Don't let Bimboo miss to catch gifts, star bag, life and obviously stars. Once Bimboo gets hit with TNT, bornfire and rock, it will lose one life. Try to achieve more scores each time!! Enjoy playing Run Bimboo Run game here at!

- Star : +1 point
- Blue Gift : +3 points
- Green Gift : +5 points
- Pink Gift : +10 points
- Star bag : +100 points (which is a bonus)
- Power : Free Run
- Life : +1 Life

- TNT bomb : -1 life
- Bonfire : -1 life
- Rock : -1 life

Category: Arcade e Classici
Aggiunto 22 Nov 2020