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OcuTap Rescue Mascot

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Dettagli del Gioco

In OcuTap Rescue Mascot, Your goal is to help the mascots caught in the bird cage! If you tap Okyu Nanin heading for rescue, it will split and split into two. Try to increase and explore more and more. Ensuring visibility is the key to the strategy. Start the game and tap your pink character "Okunanin" to split it into two hands. Okunanin can rescue the captive mascot by touching the birdcage. There are 17 bird cages. The viewpoint follows the last split ocunanin. A red wall approaches from behind during the game. The remaining time to reach the camera viewpoint okunanin is displayed as "TIME". When you go to the end of a forked road, please send ocunanin to both so that you can follow the original road. When returning to the original path, tap the original unknown ocunanin to return to the viewpoint. Enjoy playing this fun game here at!

Category: Azione e Avventura
Aggiunto 08 Jan 2021