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Swipe Dots

Giocato 4,764 volte

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Dettagli del Gioco

Swipe Dots is a free puzzle game. It is up to you to align the dots so that they can unlock the meaning of the puzzle and release you to the next level. Each level of this game doesn't just introduce a new puzzle for you to ponder over but in many cases, it also introduces a whole new mechanic. Just when you think you've gotten the hang of the game and have figured out the intricacies of each and every little puzzle, the game flips the switch on you and you're forced to reckon with a whole new puzzle. Swipe Dots is a puzzle game where the dots line up and create certain pre-existing shapes. your job is to combine those shapes so that all of the dots are aligned in a way that is congruent with the levels pre-existing shape and allows you to fit the newfound shape into the existing pattern. Some levels will not allow you to do your actions over again which means you'll have to figure out the puzzle without any mistakes.

Categoria: Riflessione
Aggiunto 22 Aug 2021