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Hop on to drive your E-Scooter in this year's most action-packed E-Scooter Game! Drive your E-Scooter on the road and collect coins and charging orbs. Ride your E-Scooter from one charging station to the next while collecting coins, charging orbs and speed boosters to go even further! Your goal is to extend your time of running but eventually your E-Scooter will run out of battery so you must collect as much coins as possible. Unlock even more E-Scooters by either buying them with coins or reaching a certain amount of charging stations. But watch out! Cars are also on the road, so try to avoid them while keeping an eye on your charge Meter. Grab your Scooter and start driving! Have fun playing this fun E-Scooter riding game here at!

Categoria: Giochi di guida
Aggiunto 18 Mar 2022