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Jewel Bomber

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Dettagli del Gioco

Destroy the jewels with bombs. Since the fire only flies in a straight line from the bottom to the top, it is necessary to set the bomb on the trajectory. Because the jewels and bombs that are thrown have propulsive power, if you build it up for about 1 second and then throw it, it will also push other jewels away. By using this, you can push a bomb that has gone to the edge of the screen to the center of the screen. The score multiplier increases according to the number of bombs detonated while the fire (flame icon) goes from bottom to top (score multiplier does not increase if bombs explode). Bombs detonate both bombs and jewels, but jewels detonate only between jewels. In short, align the bombs vertically and save the jewels, Dawn! High score! Enjoy playing this game here at!

Categoria: Arcade e Classici
Aggiunto 25 Jan 2023