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Million Monster Militia

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Dettagli del Gioco

Million Monster Militia is a deck building strategy game where you try to amass troops that doesn’t seem to be listening. The United States is currently facing a grave threat as 50 colossal bosses have seized control of 50 cities across the country, including Montreal which was recently annexed. Your mission is to traverse the nation and assemble an army to liberate the terrified citizens from the grip of these monstrous overlords. Recruit a diverse array of troops such as civilians, soldiers, paladins, mutants, vampires, mecha, and nuclear bombs. Each unit possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, but the key to success lies in selecting the right combination of forces that complement each other’s abilities. Only 25 of your forces will be randomly positioned. As a result, the composition of your army becomes the determining factor in overcoming the giant bosses. Enjoy playing this deck strategy game here at!

Categoria: Azione e Avventura
Aggiunto 12 Apr 2023