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Baby Cathy Ep23: Summer Camp

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Baby Cathy Ep23 Summer Camp, here is our little Cathy back again with lots of more fun. Now she is having some friends from the school. She want to have a summer camp with her friends in her backyard. So let us help her to have fun in this summer camp. So first let us clean the area and remove all the dirt like dried leaves, empty bottles and trash. First let us help her to pack her things. Ooh no while cleaning the camp, they found a little rabbit which is hurt, so help her to heal the rabbit and dress her up and finally help her to lay her tent and set the camp fire. Finally she gonna have fun with her friends in this summer camp by cooking yummy food too. Stay tuned for more baby Cathy games only on

Category: Per Ragazze
Sviluppatore Y8 Studio
Aggiunto 23 Jun 2022
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